Win streak mw3

On MW3 my win streak is 16 because I primarily play by myself to warm my shot. In Black ops I only played domination with a group of 4 (myself included) and went on a 500 win streak. My friend was ALWAYS host. MW3: Pointstreaks Guide Killstreaks are bonuses that are earned by killing multiple enemies in a row without dying or gaining points by completing objectives. The name has been changed in Modern Warfare 3 to pointstreak because now completing objectives such as capturing a flag count toward getting your poinstreak reward instead of just getting ...Well i just found a glitch on PS3 for black ops. what u need- 2 controllers a friend waiting in a party and patience Okay to do this glitch you goI really can't see it being the norm. I'd like to see it end your win streak, like was recently implemented in Black Ops, and give the player a loss like BO did from the start.-Like the others said, there are too many factors that can cause a "dashboard" that is unintentional.