Vag coil dwell time

Chris, The MS3X spark outputs are limited to the amount of current the logic circuit of the COP draws. For twin plug, the Toyota/Denso COP has high I increased the dwell time in nistune today, it has helped, the misfire is less rapid and it doesn't start till above about 17psi. I feel I'm chasing faults that I didn't even have with the standard coils. I'm doing everything to get the most out of a set of coils that should be well on top of the job with out any extra modifications. Dwell time is the time period that elapses while the distributor cam rotates through the dwell angle. Dwell time is actually the important factor in ignition system performance, but dwell angle is easier to measure, so that is the published figure. The connection between dwell time and the ignition system is the coil saturation time, which is ... Testing has shown them to kick out 40kV. To put it in perspective your standard 2JZ ignitor and coil set-up kicks out 20 kV and cdi ignition is normally around 50kV. I've personally used the kit on an 1100bhp Supra with a dwell time of 2ms, these coils have been known to run happily up at 5.5 ms. I'd suspect it might be an older vs newer coil deal; changing the dwell time will only change the start of the dwell in the MS and leave the end of the dwell point unmoved. Could be at one point they added the overdwell protection function. I've seen some older LS1 coils that appear to have very little overdwell protection. Dwell is currently around 3ms, with the standard loom and coil it reaches 6.6A, with the VAG coil and my loom it reaches 16.6A. Back to standard it runs fine, no problem. ECU is a Specialists Components Delta 800 standalone.