Slavia 627 air rifle

Army (military) shop offers guns, ammunition, pistols, revolvers, slavia spare parts and other products on low prices. We sell guns and ammunition, both wholesale and retail. Slavia 622, .22 caliber air rifle. Very nice condition, has a BSA rear sight, missing the elevator, and one forearm screw is not origina. Otherwise a real nice gun, shoots great! Has some initials in the right side of the stock. Mention item number JL39 when paying. Visit our website for other airgun itmes . Well used Slavia Czech Made Model 622 Cal. 22 rifled Barrel. Number of scratches and scuffs, good deal of surface rusting and metal pitting. Rear sight broken. Seems to work fine. Note: we are not experts in BB guns, some hardware, screws, stocks, etc… may be replacements so please check pics or email for additional specific pics you might like. Slavia 627. Technical Specifications Overall Lenght: 980 mm ... Identical with Slavia 624, except of different calibre - 5.5 mm. Previous. Slavia ZVP You still see a lot of these 1960s-70s Slavias popping up at gun shows and swaps, usually for around $35 or so. Most of them have dried out seals, and don’t shoot well on account of that, so the owners toss them into a drawer and forget about them. Nov 13, 2008 · Slavia ZVP, Miscellany I did a number of things to my ZVP...first off, here's a neat Czech site that has some pictures, manuals and drawings of the ZVP. Boring out a cup to make a new piston seal.