Play to win reylo

AU Reylo Not he to me, and I to him - into the darkness Anna Akhmatova @glitzescape @michellestarswept @bellaren18 @ajedisgirl @asalookslikeloki @empressdarkren @reyloplotbunnyadoption @atlinmerrick @benicihoe @buffshipper8490 @nite0wl29 @sofondabooks. au reylo reylo kylo ren and rey rey kylo ren ben solo ben and rey star wars Fanart my art ...2) Play to Win by @commandercait 1) landscape with a blur of conquerors by @kylorenvevo Lee’s favorite fic that is also one of the only Star Wars fics that she’s read but she loved it so much that she has re-read it several times over the years and talks to everyone about it: i saw you in the wild (you were nervous, you were furious, you ... She’s a game theory expert, and knows better than to play a lose/lose hand. She explicitly says that to her students in the opening scene of the movie. This is Rachel using her professional expertise in her personal life, and turning a lose/lose situation into a win/win by not playing a game based on fear. play to win 🎮 the hating game 📝 ... padmé ⚜️⚜️⚜️. More reyloscum. Listen to reylo owns IX now. Listen to reylo owns IX in full in the Spotify app ... And even if the happy part of the ending of the track is played in a different scene, I still don't think it would make sense. It's a happy, romantic track at the end. I don't see how they would cut directly from Rey crying over Ben's body to Rey being happy & the resistance celebrating the win. I just don't see it.