Camera sensor interfaces

AR0542 1/4‐Inch 5 Mp CMOS Digital Image Sensor General Description The ON Semiconductor AR0542 is a 1/4-inch CMOS active-pixel digital image sensor with a pixel array of 2592 (H) x 1944 (V) (2608 (H) x 1960 (V) including border pixels). It incorporates sophisticated on-chip camera functions such as windowing, mirroring, column and The actual number of columns and rows will vary with each different sensor or camera module. Refer to the device’s datasheet for the actual values. 2.2 Typical Interconnect. Both I2C and parallel portions of the CPI will connect to a MCU that supports the interface (SDA, SCL, D7:0, PCLK, VSYNC, and HREF). Brandmotion is an aftermarket vehicle technology development company based in Southfield, MI. We are dedicated to being on the leading edge of integration of important safety products. Microsemi’s sensor interface ICs provide the ideal interface between high-reliability and safety-critical automotive position sensor applications. Our unique magnetic field sensors provide accurate position measurements, are immune to stray magnetic fields, and don’t require an external magnetic device. Pi Camera module is a camera which can be used to take pictures and high definition video. Raspberry Pi Board has CSI (Camera Serial Interface) interface to which we can attach PiCamera module directly. This Pi Camera module can attach to the Raspberry Pi’s CSI port using 15-pin ribbon cable.