Bumpboxx ultra

Bumpboxx Ultra Retro Bluetooth Premium Boombox-Black Graffiti. Log in to see price . AWAITING APPROVAL . AWAITING APPROVAL . NEW. SKU: BB-U03-BL . Bumpboxx Ultra ... Introducing the all-new Bumpboxx Ultra. Ultra Light, Ultra Loud, Ultra Fresh. Ultra Loud, Ultra Light, Ultra Fresh. Our lightest model still keeps it loud and personal with several colors to choose from. This super portable model weighs only 7 pounds and features a bass radiator on the backside. Aug 23, 2019 · Best money spent!!! Its small and packs a huge punch! Official Southern California dealer of Bumpboxx. The world's Largest and Loudest Portable Bluetooth Boombox. Old School flavor with 21st Century technology.