Area of rhombus formula

Write the formula for an area of a rhombus. Substitute the diagonal lengths provided into the formula. Multiply the two terms in the numerator. You can consider the outermost division by two as multiplying everything in the numerator by . Multiply across and reduce to arrive at the correct answer. Area & Perimeter of Rhombus calculator uses side length and the measure of an angle or the lengths of diagonals of a rhombus, and calculates the perimeter and area of the rhombus. It is an online Geometry tool requires side length and measure of the angle or lengths of diagonals of a rhombus. A rhombus has four equal sides and its diagonals bisect each other at right angles. The area of the rhombus ia given by following formula where x and y are the lengths of the diagonals of the ... May 10, 2018 · The formula for the height of a rhombus is height = area ÷ base. For example, if you know the area of a rhombus is 64 cm2 and the base is 8 cm, you work out 64 ÷ 8 = 8. The height of the rhombus is 8 cm. Remember, the base is one of the sides and they are equal in length, so if you know the length of one of the sides, you know the length of ... Curved surface area of a cone; Curved surface of a sphere; Surface area of a canonical polygon; Area of a Sector of a Circle; Surface area of a circle; Surface area of a rectangle; Surface area of rhombus; Surface area of a square; Surface area of a trapezium; Surface area of a triangle; Surface area of a triangle, using Heron's Formula; Slant ... The formula for area of rhombus is given by: A = where and are the diagonals of rhombus. We have to determine the equivalent expressions. Since, A = Multiplying both sides of the above equation by 2, we get. 2A = So, and . Hence, Option 1 and 4 are the equivalent expressions.